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We produce garden furniture and houses by your special request.  Contact us for your unique project.


Garden House

Garden House with terrace 22m2

Nok 86 500.-

Storage Shed

Storage Shed for Carbage Cans, Tools, Accessories

L 308x D 108x H 203cm

Nok 8880.-

Bench with Flower Box

L 200x D 48x H 45cm

Nok 2700.-


Bench L 2 m

Nok 1990.-


Nok 4025.-


Nok 2558.-

Double Bin Store

Nok 5750.-


Nok 5175.-


Nok 2875.-


Nok 3881.-

Outdoor Table Sets

Table set 1

Table L 2m

Bench L 2m

Nok 4550.-

Table set 2

Table L 1.86m


Nok 8500.-

Table set 3

Table L 0.92m
Chair L 0.76m
Bench L 1.45m

Nok 9990.-

Table set 4

Table L 1.4 m
Bench L 1.4 m

Nok 4990.-

Table set 5

Table L 1.4 m
Bench L 1.4 m

Nok 5490.-

Table set 6

Table L 1.11 m
Bench L 1.54 m
Chair L 0.59 m

Nok 7990.-

Table set 7

Table D 1.07m

Chair D 0.45m


Nok 2990.-

Table set 8

Table L 1.5m

Chair L 0.43m


Nok 5290.-

Table set 9

Table L 200x D 86x H 74cm

Bench L 200x D 37x H36cm


Table L 300x D 86x H 81cm

Bench L 290x D 37x H 48cm

Nok 4099.-

Table set 10

Table L 200x D 77

Bench L144x D39

Nok 5490.-

Massive Stone Covered Outdoor Table Set

Table L 2x D 1x H 0.75m

Bench L 2mx D 0.30x H0.47m

Nok 19 000.-

Plant boxes

Plant box 1

Nok 288.-

Plant box 2

Nok 499.-

Plant box 3

Nok 345.-

Firewood Shed

L 148x D 148x H 220cm

Nok 9990.-

Handmade Garden Table

Handmade Garden Table

L300x D110x H75cm

Nok 7000.-

Handmade Table Set With 2 Benches

L300x D110x H75cm

Bench L200x D48x H45cm

Nok 10 000.-

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