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Vrådal Panorama Kviteseid, Vrådal

Vrådal al is a village in the midst of the Telemark.  Vrådal is well known of its magnificent nature with mountains high as 1000m over the sea level, picturesque forests and lakes, also including beautiful beaches surrounded with the river. Area is very welcoming for family´s with children.

In Vrådal you can easily go for fishing, hiking, play golf or go canoeing. Winter time is perfect for visiting Vrådal Panorama Ski Centre while in summer you can simply relax on the beach or attend to some of the widely organized summer festivals.


New house with beautiful terraces on Vrådal pier.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen corner, fireplace, hallway and 2 terraces.
A wide 93.4 m² terrace on the ground floor and a 20.7m² terrace on the second floor.

Indoor area: 70.4 m²

1 storey terrace: 93.4 m²

2 storey terrace: 20.3 m²

Plot area: Eiet 500 m²

Location: Vrådal pier

Year of construction: July 2020

The cabin has a very attractive location by the “Nisser” river. Spectacular views of the ski center and surrounding nature and mountain areas. Very good sun conditions. It is approx. one kilometer on the walkway to the 9-hole golf course on Fossøy. The center of Vrådal is 1 km away. Kviteseid is 14 km away. The area is being developed with roads, footpaths, jetties, etc. The cabin is very space efficient and rich in content with a well-thought-out floor plan.

Feel free to let us know if you have further questions and would like to come to the viewing.

Modernly designed cabin at Vrådal Brygge

Modernly designed cabin right by the water in Vrådal. Lovely view of the surrounding mountains, the water of Nisser and towards the ski center.

Price: 1 950 000 kr

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1

Total area: 73 m²

Plot: No

Location: On the mountain

Year built: 2020

More information:

Property is located about one kilometer from the 9-hole golf course at Fossøy. Short distance to the center and to the ski center. The property is part of the Vrådal Brygge project. Ground floor contains storage room, open plan living / kitchen area, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. 2nd Floor contains bedroom and living room / loft. There is an option to customize the project. Ask for more information about the other projects in the area.

Welcome to Vrådal Brygge.

Orreveien 7, 3853 Vrådal

New high-quality family cabin 700m above sea level. Beautiful landscape views of Vradal panorama.

Price: 4 008 902 kr

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Total area: 145 m²

Plot size: 1272 m²

Location: On the mountain

Year built: 2018

Orreveien 9, 3853 Vrådal

Extremely attractive cabin, 715m above sea level, almost at the top of Vrådal Panorama. Fantastic views of surrounding mountain areas, lakes and nature.

Price: 4 059 602 kr

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 2

Total area: 170 m²

Plot size: 898 m²

Location: On the mountain

Year built: 2018

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